Prof. Matthew R. Guthaus  



Hany Fahmy (PhD Student)

Rebecca Rashkin

Rebecca Rashkin (PhD Student)

Bin Wu (PhD Candidate) 

Hunter Nichols (PhD Student)

Michael Grimes (MS Student) 

 Kyle Cordes (MS Student) 




First PhD Graduates

(Left to Right: Seokjoong, Sheldon, and Xuchu)

Riadul Islam, 2017, PhD (Current Mode Clocking and Synthesis considering Low Power and Skew), Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Dearborn

David Chalco, 2017, BS

Rajsaktish Sankaranarayanan, 2017, PhD ( Reducing Variability in Subthreshold Circuits), Intel

Brian Chen, 2016, MS, Altera/Intel

Jie Zhang, 2015, MS, Yodlee, Inc. 

Benjamin Lacara2014, , MS, EMC Corporation

Jeff Butera, 2013, MS, Mentor Graphics

Sheldon Logan, 2013, PhD ( Thermal-Aware CAD for Modern Integrated Circuits ), Google

Brian Chen, 2012, SURF-IT, UCSC -> UCSC (grad school, Fall 2013)

Xavier Dunkley, 2012, SURF-IT, CCNY

Seokjoong Kim, 2012, PhD (Low-Power Methodology for Fault Tolerant Nanoscale Memory Design), Oracle

Xuchu Hu, 2012, PhD (Analysis and Application of Inductance in Clock Distribution Networks), Cadence Design Systems

Ben Lacara, 2011, SURF-IT, UCSC -> UCSC (grad school, Fall 2012)

Kathryn Dobbins, 2011, SURF-IT, Michigan Tech -> U Michigan (grad school, Fall 2012)

Ryan Conway, 2011, SURF-IT, UCSC (finishing ugrad)

Edward Sullivan, 2011, SURF-IT, Clemson -> UCSD (grad school, Fall 2013)

Walter "Jas" Condley, 2011, MS (Analysis of High-Frequency Clock Trees with a Methodology for Local Resonant Clock Synthesis), Space Systems Loral

Curtis Andrus, 2010, MS (Lithography-Aware Layout Compaction), Gauda Inc. -> ListenLogic

Jason Mak, 2010, SURF-IT, Cal Poly -> UC Davis (grad school, Fall 2011)

Chase Peters, 2010, SURF-IT, UCSC -> Stanford (grad school, Fall 2011)

Derek Chan, 2010, MS (Analysis of Power Supply Induced Jitter in Actively De-skewed Multi-Core Systems), Space Systems Loral

Keven Woo, 2010, MS (Fault-Tolerant Synthesis using Non-Uniform Redundancy), Intel

Suparna Das, 2008, MS 

David Lewis, 2006, SURF-IT, Olivet College



Prof. James Stine, Oklahoma State University

Prof. Jose Renau, UCSC MASC Lab

Prof. Ricardo Reis, UFRGS

Prof. Fernanda Lima Kastensmidt, UFRGS

Raul Chipana, UFRGS

Dr. Gustavo Wilke, UFRGS -> Intel

H. Blake Skinner, UCSC MASC Lab

Group circa 2009

Front (L to R): Marcelo Siero, Keven Woo, Raj Sankaranarayanan, Xuchu Hu, Seokjoong Kim

Back (L to R): Andrew Hill, Jas Condley, Sheldon Logan, Prof. Guthaus, Pranav Natesh, Vidyuth Srivatsaa