VLSI-DA Group 2015 (Back left to right: Bin, Jie, Prof. Guthaus, Hany, Front left to right: Rebecca, Raj, Riadul, Ping, Brian)

VLSI-DA Group 2012 (Back left to right: Ben, Hany, Prof. Guthaus, Jeff, Rafael Front left to right: Raj, Riadul, Bin, Nihan)


Prof. Guthaus with Sammy the Slug at SACNAS 2011


Xuchu at DAC 2011


Seokjoong at DAC 2011



SURF-IT Summer Students 2011 (Ben, Ryan, Kathryn, and Edward)


VLSI-DA Group 2009 (Back left to right: Andrew, Jas, Sheldon, Prof. Guthaus, Pranav, Vidyuth Front left to right: Marcelo, Keven, Raj, Xuchu, Seokjoong)



  • The OpenRAM team was invited to publish a paper at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) onEnabling Design Technology Co-Optimization of SRAMs through Open-Source Software. Prof. Guthaus will be presenting at the December meeting virtually.

  • Google has provided a generous gift to support the OpenRAM memory compiler. This gift will be used for improved coordination with other open-source projects, improved process support, and other general improvements.

  • Hunter Nichols presented his open-source PUF analysis tool -- Puffery. Prof. Guthaus was on the panel discussing gaps in EDA technology. 

  • Two papers from the group were accepted into the VLSI-SOC to be held in Cuzco, Peru on October 6-9, 2019. The first was accepted as a long, oral presentation on Automated Synthesis of Multi-Port Memories and Control by Hunter Nichols, Michael Grimes, Jennifer Sowash, Jesse Cirimelli-Low and Matthew Guthaus. The second was accepted as a short, poster presentation on Bottom Up Approach for High Speed SRAM Word-line Buffer Insertion Optimization by Bin Wu and Matthew Guthaus.